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Monica Irvine

Certified Etiquette Instructor and Life Coach

Monica Irvine is the President and creator of The Etiquette Factory, Co-Founder of FUNdamentals4Kids and a certified Etiquette Instructor and Life Coach, working in the hospitality industry for 33 years. She is the published author of six books on etiquette & parenting, including Etiquette for Beginners, Etiquette Intermediate, Etiquette Masters, A Dating Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen, Raising a Generation of Ladies and Gentlemen, & A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family as well as the storybook series, FUNdamentals4Kids. Mrs Irvine is a national speaker, speaking to thousands of parents, educators, professionals and children every year.Residing in Knoxville, TN with her husband, Charles, Monica spends her free time enjoying the outdoors of East Tennessee and spending time with her family of three boys and two granddaughters.

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