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Sue Puchferran

Homeschool Co-Op Director & Author

Sue Puchferran is a homeschool veteran of over 25 years. She holds a degree in Christian Education and a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from Purdue University. She and her husband, Rick, made the decision to homeschool their 4 children in the 1990’s. Their children are now working as an MBA/lawyer, Interventional radiologist MD, a labor and delivery nurse/BSN, and a corporate financial analysis/CPA and they didn't pay for college! Sue has served on the board of the Home Education Foundation, our lobbyist, for over 12 years; as a home school, high school advisor; and is one of the founders of the Home Education Enrichment Program in South Florida called HEED. She is the author of the book, “Completing the Journey”, a home school handbook for the high school journey. Her passion continues to be encouraging families on their homeschool journeys.

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